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SEPT 2015 - From Beneath the Ashes... Helo Pawb...Hello Everybody... Like "Lady in the Lake" I have "Finally" reappeared. I feel I must apologise and explain my long absence. Unfortunately I have suffered ill health these past few years and so my music had to take a backseat., which of course it didn't like much, and made a fuss, quibbling, banging the seats in front and moaning "Are we there yet?" which now we are...JUST.!!. stretching legs, and blinking into the daylight... So we are blowing dust off cables and plugging in beloved bits and bobs, and finding new mediums with which we will deliver new songs, old songs and songs hot off the piano (courtesy of my darling Sparky). During my illness (Show must go on) we did some gigs in soul touching, beautiful parts of the world. And even though I did get very tired, singing actually helped a lot... Music can heal. But as beautiful as the world is, for me, there is no place like home, and if I am away for too long I start to go under.So it was Back to the Green green grass, Back to the sea, Back to Lillie and the velvet underground. So, to bring you up to date, we are currently having songs remastered at Rookmere Studios, and we are so thrilled by the results. Those of you who have been with me for a long time will recognise the songs on our forthcoming 4th album. Some of these songs have rarely if at all left the piano stool, so they're aching to be dressed up and let out to join the party,(Well I think thats enough personification for one day). Many years ago I had a dream about a "Great gig in the sky"... musical legends all playing around a celestial campfire, I was sitting in between Dave Gilmour and Leonard Cohen(what a totally cool place to be.) I guess thats what music on the internet is doing. Jamming in the clouds...God gets a front seat of course... Before I go back to the other side of the mirror I would just like to say thank you to everyone for their prayers and good wishes during a difficult time, it really helped Gordy & I.God Bless you all.. So lets jam on...See you in the clouds...Thank you for listening...All I've ever wanted was for people to listen to my songs... One person...35,000...doesn't matter the amount just as long as I can reach you. L.T.M.P.O KJ
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